My videos on surprising aspects of the origins of the Constitution

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The first is about how Americans’ political rights developed before the American Revolution, and about how it was a primary purpose of the Constitution to protect Americans from tyranny.

The second video is about why Jefferson said that Americans had their own constitution when they still lived in British colonies, before the Revolution.

15-Minute History Podcast

So exciting to discuss with Jon Streeter and Joe Parker, of the 15-Minute Hitory Podcast, aspects of the history that produced Americans’ perception of their constitution before the American Revolution (as well as other topics)!!!


I’m quoted in The New York Sun


Dean Karayanis quoted some comments that I made at my book launch:

James Philips, author of Two Revolutions and the Constitution, found over 4 million Google search results for the phrase “Trump coup,” questioned that elevation of the unorganized “rabble.”

“Let’s assume,” he said, “that President Trump was so narcissistic and so indifferent to the Constitution that he believed that his desire to win trumped the Constitution [and] would have been happy to use illegal means to retain the presidency.

“Could he have succeeded? Well, no.” President Trump was “never likely to subvert enough people in all the organs of law, government, the military and the media that he would have needed to mount a successful coup.”

January 6, looked at in this light, was the moment our democracy proved its strength. No mob — even several states arming themselves to secede in the 1860s — has proven powerful enough to destroy it.

Interviewed on American Public Broadcasting Service TV channels

Thrilled to have been interviewed by the wonderful Llewelyn King and Linda Gasparello on their program White House Chronicles, distributed on many PBS channels and other platforms, about the origins and importance of the US Constitution, and constitutions generally.

History Unplugged – an excellent discussion!

I was thrilled with this podcast. We really got into the building blocks of the American Revolution and Constitution: how the Constitution secured the gains of the Revolution, and why it succeeded:

Podcast: The Journal of the American Revolution

I am so excited to have been interviewed by Brady Crytzer about the origins of the political culture of Revolutionary America, and how we came to have representative government chosen by the people. This is the story told in my book:


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